New work: Diagonal shift with a size change

Diagonal shift with a size change

Diagonal shift with a size change

This piece is a return to my diagonal shift series, which I took a short break from. I used the same diagonal shift variant element as in my most recent two pieces in the series. This time, instead of using two diagonal shifts to transition from a wide cylinder to a narrow one and then back to a wide one, I only used one diagonal shift. The sizes are aligned so the outer edge on one side is an unbroken curve.

One of the challenges I often run into in designing models is figuring out how my sketch will actually look in three dimensions. Since I have to figure out all the dimensions of the model before I do any folding, it’s very important that my sketch has the proportions I want. But in this piece, the change from a 2D sketch to a 3D folded model changed how the proportions look more than I expected. In the sketch, the top and bottom halves looked more evenly balanced; in the model, the bottom half has a good bit more volume and more visual weight. Even if this piece didn’t look quite like I expected, that makes it more of a learning experience for me than folding something that works exactly how I expected.

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  1. What a beautiful piece of art! It looks like it belongs in a museum.

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