Test model: Diagonal shift variant

Diagonal shift variant

Diagonal shift variant

For the past couple months I have been exploring various designs using a diagonal shift element, working up from simple test models and crease patterns to more complex designs. Now I’m exploring a new variation of the same theme.

In this test model, I am using the same basic diagonal shift element but also changing the width of the tube above and below the shift. This gives the design a bit more flexibility in how I can use it. The change in width only adds a little complexity to the crease pattern, but it makes the model a bit more challenging to collapse.

4 responses to “Test model: Diagonal shift variant

  1. Uaaaaauuuu!Que trabalho incrível: tem um jogo legal de equilíbrio e força e está lindo nesse papel.

  2. Que trabalho incrível: tem um jogo bacana de equilíbrio e forças, além de ter ficado lindo nesse papel. Uaaaaaaauuuu!

  3. can you show a crease pattern on how to achieve this?

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