New Work: Painted Vase

Painted vase

Painted vase

After spending a long time folding pieces mostly in neutral colors, I decided I needed a little more color in my work. I decided to experiment not just with color contrast but also with texture. The white near the top is color of the unpainted paper, the black is painted a flat color, and the purple is dripped/blended to add texture. It’s challenging to get smooth blending in the acrylics on paper. The paint dries very quickly, so I had to work very quickly to get the colors to actually blend together.

In this piece, I also varied the texture of the model itself, which I tried several years ago in my pleated and corrugated vase and diamond vases. The corrugated folding style in the lower part of the vase adds more interest and dimensionality to the simple vase shape.

This piece is mainly a test of a couple new ideas for now. I’m starting to explore ideas for my next series. This idea could become a series, but I’ve also still got a couple other ideas I’m considering.

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