Crease pattern: Seed pod bowl

Seed pod bowl

Seed pod bowl

The seed pod bowl is one of my most popular models, and I’ve gotten more requests for its crease pattern than for any of my other models. I finally drew the crease pattern:

Crease pattern for seed pod bowl

Crease pattern for seed pod bowl (click to enlarge)

As with all my crease patterns, the red lines are mountain folds and the blue lines are valley folds. The top side of the paper will become the inside of the form.

A few notes:

  1. The mountain/valley pattern on this model is the opposite as it is for most of my models. Viewed from the inside of the final form, the straight folds are mountains and the curved folds are valleys.
  2. Since this model does not have a flat base and is not a tube, the collapse process is a bit different that my other models. Briefly, I used a combination of tape and glue to hold the creases in place at the two ends of the form, and wet-folded to create the curved form.
  3. Given the crease pattern as drawn, the model will be curved all the way around and not sit flat. I fixed that problem by making a small dent where I wanted the base (not shown on the crease pattern).

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