Test model: Oval



Why should circles get all the attention?

I’ve experimented a bit with breaking away from circle-based designs previously in models like my seed pod bowl and spiral bowl, but this design is the furthest I’ve deviated from a circle. The oval is made of portions of two sizes of circles, one with a radius of 1 inch and the other with a radius of 4 inches. The two ends are each 3/8 of a circle (135 degrees) with the small radius, and the two flatter sides are each 1/8 of a circle (45 degrees). That means that the four segments add up to 360 degrees, one full rotation.

The flat base on this shape (shown in the image above) doesn’t close nearly as nicely as most of the circular designs I fold. To get the base to stay flat, I had to wet-fold it and weigh it down while it dried. My circular bases usually stay put without any wet-folding. Even though the edges of the paper line up correctly, it’s easy to open a wide gap. Without adding glue, anything I put inside this model would probably just fall through the bottom.

Despite the extra challenges, I think this approach is ready to use on more complicated models. The model fits together exactly how I expected it to based on the math, and the folding process is certainly doable.

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