New work: Origami/Ceramic Split Vessel

Origami/Ceramic Split Vessel

Origami/Ceramic Split Vessel

This piece is a continued exploration of origami and ceramic forms, incorporating shapes inspired by my Intersections series. The shapes of the origami and ceramic pieces are nearly the same, and the colored pattern continues from one piece to the other. The design process for these pieces is a bit different from my usual origami designs. Since the ceramic piece shrinks during the drying and firing process, it’s hard to get the precise dimensions that I’m used to in origami. I made the ceramic piece first keeping in mind the constraints of what shapes I can fold, then measured the ceramic piece and folded the paper to fit it exactly.

The difference in precision is also visible in the colored pattern. The ceramic glaze runs and drips a bit during the firing process, and the layering of the blue and white glazes makes the colors a bit mottled. On the origami piece, I taped off the painted edges as I usually do to get precise lines, but I deliberately mottled the paint to mimic the colors in the glaze.

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