New Work: Origami/Ceramic Diagonal Shift Set

Origami-Ceramic Diagonal Shift Series

Origami-Ceramic Diagonal Shift Set

I’ve been working recently on pieces that combine origami and ceramics, and this set is a continuation of that exploration. For all three pieces, the bottom half is ceramic, and the top half is origami. These pieces are inspired by my diagonal shift series that was fully paper-based. For those pieces, the crease pattern I used only allowed the top half of the paper to shift “uphill” like the rightmost piece, but by combining media I was able to explore a wider range of possibilities.

I planned the angle of the diagonal plane so the uphill and downhill pieces would be shifted by similar distances from the center. Since all of these pieces are made very differently, I took pictures to show how all of these work:

Aligned piece

Aligned piece

Aligned piece construction

Aligned piece construction

The middle piece, where the origami and ceramic parts are aligned, is probably the most straightforward. I used a sine wave to find the correct diagonal plane to align with the ceramic piece, then folded the paper in a bit so the lower part would sit inside the ceramic piece.

"Uphill" shift

“Uphill” shift

"Uphill" shift construction

“Uphill” shift construction

The uphill shift piece is folded in essentially the same way as my other diagonal shift pieces. Like the aligned piece, the bottom part of the paper model sits inside the ceramic piece.

"Downhill" shift

“Downhill” shift

"Downhill" shift construction

“Downhill” shift construction

The downhill shift piece is the most different from what I’ve done before and the one that I don’t know how to fold cleanly from one piece of paper. The paper piece has a flat diagonal plane on the bottom similar to my previous diagonal shift pieces and a short “stem” that sits into the ceramic base. Because of the relative paper lengths, the stem is shifted toward the blue edge of the paper. But since the hole in the ceramic base is all the way at the lower edge, I can still get an overall downhill shift.

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  1. Great developments to a fascinating series.

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