New model: Oval bowl

Oval bowl

Oval bowl

Building on my recent oval test model, I folded this bowl based on an oval. Again, the oval is made of portions of circles of two sizes. Here, the radius of the small circle is 2″ at the widest point, and the radius of the large circle is 6″ at the widest point. The collapse of the bottom half of the form was fairly straightforward, but the top part was more challenging because the form wanted to become more circular. Overall, I think ovals will work fairly well for relatively short, simple forms but will be challenging for taller forms and more complex forms. Even though I think a lot of interesting things could be done with ovals, I’m using the ovals mostly as a building block toward some of my other ideas that are in the works.

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  1. Belo trabalho, Rebecca. Ficou lindo e original!

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