New Work: Two Geometric Designs

Recently, I’ve returned to more purely geometric designs, exploring some new ideas.

Square vase with inset sides

Square vase with inset sides

This vase looks very clean from the outside, but the folds hidden inside are a bit more messy. I figured out what dimensions I needed for the insets and just hid the extra paper inside and used glue to hold everything in place. Since the angled lines on the main faces are at 45 degrees, the triangles wind up being equilateral.

Twisted stack of boxes

Twisted stack of boxes

The second vase uses a bit different folding approach. Creating the twist is actually fairly straightforward – I would be surprised if it’s not a re-invention of someone else’s idea. I used the same angle between each box here, but any angle from 0 to 90 degrees would work with very minor changes to the crease pattern. It could also work for shapes with more sides, not just squares. Collapsing the stack of twists is a bit tricky and uses a lot of paper, so I’m not sure I would want to try a stack too much taller than this.

3 responses to “New Work: Two Geometric Designs

  1. jia-sun Tsang

    I like the most recent post-the two geometric designs. Bold, Clean, Demand attention, and Present pure joy.

  2. Pretty cool vases Rebecca. Casually I had thought of a model similar to your Twisted Stack of Boxes, just like you had presumed. We even thought of similar names! But mine is a modular model. You can check out here: Stack of Boxes

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