New work: Copper diagonal shift vase

Copper diagonal shift vase

Copper diagonal shift vase


After folding several test models with a diagonal shift, I was finally able to incorporate that design element into a more complex model. For this model, I used black Elephant Hide paper and painted all of the paper except for the diagonal shift element with gold and copper acrylic paint. Because the top half of the model is shifted so far to one side, the vase normally would be very unstable and prone to tipping over. I put a few pebbles in the bottom of the vase to weigh it down. Since the paper is so light, it doesn’t take much extra weight to make it stable.

4 responses to “New work: Copper diagonal shift vase

  1. I have not seen anything like this before. With your coloration, it seems to be made of metal. Interestingly lovely.

  2. Beautiful shape and lively paper! Did you apply the gold and copper acrylic paint before or after folding?

    • Thanks, Leyla! I always paint the paper before folding it. The line between the painted and unpainted sections of the paper follows the same shape (a sine curve) as the fold I put in later.

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